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Lovely Happy Italy? Well, maybe this strange album title could be meant serious when this would be pop music, but not in the case of the Italian Harsh Noise/Industrial unit GSS. Or is this just their cynical point of view? Who knows...... Well, this is their first album, that has been released by Deserted Factory in 2007 and although it only include four songs the complete running time is almost close to the 40 minutes mark. GSS create a sound, that stands in the tradition of The Grey Wolves, Genocide Organ or Black Light Orchestra. The opening song   'Man gave name to all Animals' is relatively smooth, but 'Happy Italy' reveals all the musical weight and hate of this band. Slowly the song sets up, before an extreme distorted voice is bursting out of the wall-of-sound, as well as a sample of Silvio Berlusconi's voice. In between a brutal beat disrupts this massive structures, while the background consists out of different sonic waves and loops.

The result is fascinating and merciless. 'Anna Maria Franzoni on Italia1' starts very slow and sinister, before varied samples and a strange sound create a depressive atmosphere. There's a certain heaviness within this song and different sounds keep it in motion. Again, varied samples are integrated here and they have been taken from this lady called A.M. Franzoni, who is totally unknown to me. The last song is entitled 'I hate everything', and the title speaks for itself. An extreme distorted voice builds an effective contrast to the dark background and this a total emotional discharge of  hate and anger. 'Lovely Happy Italy' is a very uncomfortable album, that isn't made for timid people. For my taste GSS have recorded a damn good debut and I hope, they will come up with more material in the future! Let there be noise!