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GILLA BRUJA (6 Fingered Jesus) CD

The debut release "Tooth And Nail" was a nice surprise for me in 2001, although I had to admit, that UK's GILLA BRUJA haven't worked out an own musical profile at this time. For my taste, there where still standing in the shadow of mid-period Sepultura. But with "6 Fingered Jesus" the band's has done a big step forward. With the aggressive opener "Black Moon Fever" the band starts its destructive and nihilistic musical mission. Neckbreaking grooves, heavy downtuned guitars and a psychopathic singer who sounds as if he loses his mind the next second. Just listen to "Spoiler", which is a brilliant mixture of all this elements. In moments like this, GILLA BRUJA sounds like the small and ugly brother of Iron Monkey and later Prong.

It's hard to believe, that this band is only a three-piece now, because they are creating such an immense destructive energy level, and a live-show of this guys must be mind-blowing. Everything sounds so violent and brutal, something that's always ok for me. "Blood Ties To Whisky" is still close to Sepultura, but you can have worser influences. What I really like, is that the album doesn't sound to polished or overproduced or shit like this. More as if it were recorded in the deepest and darkest catacombs. But there's no lack of power in it. When they slow down the tempo as in "A Season To Wither" the band kindles sheer sonic madness. There are still a few blast-beats integrated as in "Harvest", but they mix it up with strong grooves and dynamic variations. "6 Fingered Jesus" is an aggressive album, not that original in every moment but GILLA BRUJA are on the best way to become one of the most extreme bands of the UK. Join the death cult! Once again, Retribute Records is the label so visit their website.