Back in 1999 this band released a four song CD EP on Game Two Records and they've received excellent reviews for it. Now North Carolina music scene veteran Gideon Smith and his band The Dixie Damned have recorded the first full length for the Detroit based Small Stone Records. Blues based rock'n'roll and heavy southern rock performed with enough drive and quality and fronted by the mighty vocals of Gideon. The band has recorded the album in the legendary Sun Studios and they were using 50 year old microphones that Elvis himself once used and something of this magic is in Gideons voice.

The result of this recordings are eleven diverse tracks that are ranging from the heavy opener "She is Venus" to the wonderful ballad "Outerspace Girl", the psychedelic "Ghost Rider" or the aggresive "Knifedance". It's obvious to hear that these guys are influenced from Skynyrd or maybe The Cult, but in the end it's only rock 'n' roll and that's what "Southern Gentlemen" is all about. Gideon Smith is living in the present but his heart and soul is true to the roots of blues, rock and outlaw country music. The same goes for The Dixie Damned.

Amazing slide guitars that brings you the illusion the sun rises at the end of your room or mighty and heavy riffs ("Draggin' the River") together with a tight and groovy rythm backbone are the other part of the good-tasting musical brew, comparable with a very good old whiskey. But like I've mentioned before, "Southern Gentlemen" isn't like one of these boring standard blues/rock 'n' roll albums. The songs have a strong appeal, depth and show a good taste in song writing so it's well worth to check out this album. For more informations go to the website of Small Stone Records.