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GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS (Superstar Destroyer) CD

GENOCIDE SS are punk as fuck, and they love to rock 'n' roll in a crusty and filthy way, combined with metallic undertones. On their global blitzkrieg, they don't take prisoners or making any compromises. Sometimes this machine is rolling in a mid-tempo through the album, and apart of all brutality they can write hits as "Air/A Prelude to Hell" or the bombastic "Warchild", where they've intergrated a psychedelic part. And I've thought this guys would prefer beer and vodka, instead of weed and shrooms..hahaha. "Outlaw Song" is another outstanding song, But mostly, GENOCIDE SS are rolling on straight-forward, including all the trademarks of this music, like simple-stomping beats and pitbull-like vocals. If you're looking for a mixture between Motörhead, 90's-Misfits, Dwarves and old UK-Punk as Riot Squad, The Violaters and so on, you may need "Superstar Destroyer". And as I've said it before, "Air/A Prelude to Hell is a goddamn catchy killer song, Lemmy would be proud of! You can order this album from Relapse Records.