It's been a long time ago since I've heard such a crazy shit as GENGHIS TRON's debut MCD "Cloak Of Love". There have been John Zorn's Naked City, who are still an endless inspiration for a lot of musicians who are into avantgarde or extreme music, but this three guys have formed something I've never heard before. Well, they take a lot of blast-beats in combination with sharp-(black) metallic riffs and the well-known harsh yelling, but what sets them apart from the average grinding music scene is their use of 80's electropop elements. It's real weird music like in "Laser Bitch" f.e. when soft and cheesy keyboard sounds are interrupted by brutal riffs, interwoven from guitar-solos that reminds me to Japanese avant-metal guitarist Buckethead. GENGHIS TRON have no drummer in their line-up, but a drum machine what makes their sonic assault more sterile and less cohesive.

Sometimes the synth pop themes are inspired from the music of the second generation of 80's video games, and that's why they maybe have the word 'tron' in their name, but I'm not sure. Whenever I listen to the song "Arms", I would swear that they have 'stolen' the opening theme of Wham's "Last Christmas", while "Ride The Steambolt" (that also includes some heavy beat-box rhythms), and "Sing Disorder" contains strong metal riffs, as we know it from bands like Exit 13 or Brutal Truth. At the beginning of 2005, this US-trio was on East Coast tour in support of "Cloak Of Love", and I try to imagine how they have confused the audience. After five songs and a total running time of 12:46 minutes GENGHIS TRON had left a wide grin on my face, and are a good prove for the Crucial Blast slogan 'New Mutations in Extreme Music'. So, are you ready for a new mutation?