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With this release, GENEROUS MARIA have done a big step forward.  Electricism' contains much better songs, and the band has become a tight unit, which is underlined by a good, powerful production, that is made for this kind of sleazy 70's Hardrock. But this is also made for fans of later Stooges, later Monster Magnet or early Soundgarden, because a lot of good shit has flown into this hot-cooking Rock meal. Ah, and this damn sleazy touch, which I usually don't like, but here it just sounds cool.

The variety of the here recorded material is wide, and among the eleven songs is also a very enjoyable cover-version of ZZ Top's 'Precious Grace'. Good to hear, that they play it as if it would be one of their own compositions. 'Slit-Eyed Lizard' is a slow and heavy number, while 'All Wrong Alright' is an explosive rocker, which remind me to The Stooges. Other songs here harken back to Hardrock epics like The Cult's 'Electric' and Alice Cooper's 'Killer'. Especially frontman Goran Florstrom is responsible for the comparison with Alic Cooper. I like Alice Cooper, so this is a fine thing for me. Despite of all their influences from the 1970's, GENEROUS MARIA don't belong to the sort of bands, which are lost in only one decade of Rock.

It's more, that they have created a timeless Hardrock sound, which could appeal to people, with different tastes. After Buzzville Records re-released GENEROUS MARIA's first album, it's no surprise that they also released 'Electricism'. Maybe this will help the band to step out of the underground, because they deserve it more than most of all this overrated shit, which is polluting some webzines and magazines. Apart of what's going on elsewhere, this is a further proof that real authentic Hardrock isn't dead, as long as you listen to bands like GENEROUS MARIA and not to any corporate rock crap. Well done, brothers, but I still think, that you can do better.....