GEISHA (Die Verbrechen der Liebe) CD

The second album by Bristol's noise aficionados GEISHA is a further proof that there are no boundaries in the region of noise rock, and if there are any restrictions than this four guys tear them down with the power of innovation. And it's not surprising then that Crucial Blast, one of the leading record labels for mind-blowing music without limits, started to show interest and released 'Die Verbrechen der Liebe' at the end of 2008. GEISHA fit perfectly to Crucial Blast, because their musical vision is a challenge and provocation for the average bigoted listener. The album consists of six tracks whereas 'Theme from Diana' is the most spectacular track here, not only because of it's extended running time of almost thirty-one minutes. There are a lot of psychedelic leanings in the previous five songs, but 'Theme from Diana' is like the calm after the lysergic storm. That sort of peace is very elusive because at the end they unwrap their wrecking ball and launch an unexpected acoustic shock. The remaining five songs attract attention with extreme contrasts between the more gentle passages and the psychotic outbursts. GEISHA lull you into complacency and when you feel safe, suddenly a white-hot blast of corrosive noise wakes you up like an early-morning alarm clock. It's apparent that the band have control about all those different elements, because the execution is always faultless and hyper-accurate. The distorted vocals sound as if someone has tortured that poor guy and they perfectly melt into the tone of the other instruments and sometimes they seem to be absorbed by the entire sound. So, 'Die Verbrechen der Liebe' is made for all people looking at new musical horizons or who are seeking a sonic adventure.