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GATE 9 (Moon Rangers Gone Evil) CD

This Norwegian band was formed in the summer of 2000 and since then, they've released a 3 song demo which was praised by several online zines. I never listen to that demo, but after listening to this debut I can't really agree with other writers. Ok, the opener "Dwarves of Might" sounds like an undiscovered Obsessed-track, but after this nice start I'm beginning to lose interest in this album. And believe me, I have listen more than two times. What's my problem? At first, it's that kind of production. For my taste, it sounds to clean and transparent like that later Pink Floyd LP's. And I'm sorry to say that I never cared much about Floyd. I must admit that there a some good ideas in all of the nine songs, but I've heard everything before in a more inspiring way. I think, these three guys aren't any bandwaggon-jumpers but maybe they should listen closer to their favourite bands. It seems as if they want to please fans from 70's Heavy to Space Rock and Doom Metal, but their mixture doesn't ignite in my heart. But if you're just looking for a friendly (maybe that's my problem!) and catchy band, that just rocks check this out. And at least, everyone's got a different taste. This album has been released on UNDERDOGMA RECORDS and for band contact mail to: