GARDENBOX (Last Resort) CD

This is GARDENBOX fourth CD and my first meeting with them. The label info would file their sound under post rock and electronica, and I can agree with that to a certain level. A song like 'Global Pessimism' is obviously influenced from early 80's synth-pop, and one of two tracks here with additional vocals . But the band presents also a more disturbed side, and in their best moments, a glimpse of the genius of Throbbing Gristle or Non comes through their material as in 'How Did We Get Here?'.

But GARDENBOX is always a bit cleaner and less irritating or controversial as the aforementioned bands. They also use more distorted guitars as in 'Sweet Oblivion' for example, or push their sound more in a psychedelic direction.  For my taste, 'Last Resort' owns some hypnotic and meditative moments, but I can't really get into it. Maybe it's the synthetic production or this post-rock feel...... I'm not sure. If they had included more songs like the last one 'Away', that is very melancholic and surprises with acoustic guitars, I would like 'em  more 'Last Resort'. Maybe...