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GALLERY OF MITES (Bugs On The Bluefish) LP/CD

It seems as if New Jersey is one of the places, comparable with Maryland, where a lot of heavy rock musicians are continual involved into different bands and/or projects (though I prefer the MD scene). GALLERY OF MITES is the next band (or project) out of New Jersey and this time, the usual suspects are the complete old and new Monster Magnet line-up, except of John McBain and Dave Wyndorf (what's the reason?), and members of Lord Sterling, Black Nasa, Halfway To Gone and Solace plus a guest appearance of John Garcia. That means's that GoM are a ten-man band boasting five lead guitarists, but I'm not really sure, if they are playing together at the same time...hahaha. GoM was formed in 2001 when the pair deemed a batch of songs not fitting for their other bands, and decided to develop the material for a new entity. After a short while, they asked friends and others and so GoM evolved into this "all-star group".

The result is similar to the other bands of the involved musicians, although GoM are stronger 60's influenced and so their sound reminds me to the next usual suspects as The Stooges, early Stones, 13th Floor Elevators, The Sonics f.e. So, all ten songs are very entertaining, and aren't willing to set new accents, what isn't necessary. In "100 Days" we can listen to John Garcias voice, this time with distortion on it. Not every song of this album is really compelling, but there are very good tracks as "Suicide Punchline", "Headless Body, Topless Bar" or the relaxed instrumental "A Man Called Shit". And in the title-track "Bugs On The Bluefish" it sounds, as if Dave Wyndorf is responsible for the lead-vocals. Maybe, the well-known names behind GoM are caring for high expectations, but apart of it, this album is a smooth and groovy record, which shouldn't only please fans of MM, but also everyone who digs 60's Garage and 70's Heavy Rock. Maybe, we hear more of this band in the future, and I hope it will not only be some kind of project. Recommandable, but no must-have.This album has been released by Meteor City Records in the USA, and will be available through People Like You Records for the European market.