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FULCI (Dead Lights/Red Sky) CD

FULCI is the new creation from Crucial Blast label chief Adam Wright and Eric Crowe, who's also member of the heavy sludge outfit Big Yellow Mama, but he's also exploring the world of space ambient drone and harsh electronics with his project Marax, just to mention some of his restless activities. FULCI are creating a hypnotic atmosphere, and could be easily described as Alabama's answer to the mighty Earth. But Adam Wright and Eric Crowe have carved out their own identity with the help of bassist Nathan Miller and drummer Adam Brown, and both are featured on two of the five long tracks.

Especially with "Scatter my Bones on the Shore", FULCI have combined some sort of post-rock feeling with massive drones to create a bittersweet atmosphere that easily reaches the soul of the interested listener. Definitely one of my personal highlights from the album! I think, that the world of heavy power drones is limited in itself, but this song adds a new dimension to this genre, as well as Sunn O))) have left the expected boundaries behind with "White1" and "White2". Another killer here is the long-winding "Depth Lord: The Year of the Dragon", where FULCI have created monstrous riffage, that forces the listener in its seat. Although not much is happening here (well, it's drone), one can feel the extreme tension FULCI are building up during the complete epic running time of the song, and while listening to it, I feel more and more like a rabbit staring into the eyes of a snake.

The physical presence of the colossal sound is impressive, and it's necessary to crank up the volume as loud as possible to get swallowed by the mammoth heavy guitar lines and the slow-paced trance like rhythms. I'm not sure if Adam Wright and Eric Crowe have further plans as far as this band/project is concerned, but here's enough hidden potential for a second full-length. "Dead Light/Red Sky" comes in a nice DVD box with a cool FULCI button and has been released via Crucial Bliss, a divison of Crucial Blast. If you dig Earth, D O M or Sunn O))) f.e., don't leave this out!!!