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FRANCIS BAKIN (Conversation With Francis Bakin) CD

Does anyone remember the heavy rock band Bottom? I really hope so, because they had a very unique style, what sets them apart from all the Kyuss copies at the beginning of this decade. During their existance from 1997 until 2005 Bottom released three albums, which presented a band that never was tied to a specific formula. Especially their last album 'You'rNext' for Small Stone Records in 2005 was a brilliant statement on artistic freedom and a nightmare for some of their fans. After the band broke-up in 2005 I was wondering what happend to the band's ex-members. Suddenly in 2008 I received an Email from Clementine, the former drummer of Bottom, where she asked me if I want to write a review about her new solo project Francis Bakin. After listening to the track 'Sunshine' on her site I agreed and a few days later I found a copy of her self-released debut album in my mailbox.

Supported by Gretchen Mann on guitars (who's also in Zepparella) and Robert Preston on bass, Clemetine has recorded an album which is much different from Bottom and showcases her talent as singer, too. FRANCIS BAKIN is still rock with strong pop leanings, but it's definitely no cheesy pop music. The dark vibe of 'Spite' has more in common with Tricky or early Portishead, while the blues influences set off by keening slide guitars on almost each of the here included eleven tracks. 'The Champion' sounds as if it's based on the groove of Led Zeppelin's 'When the Levee Breaks' with additional harmonica. All of this results in deep music that's a natural outgrowth of the way Clementine is looking at the world. It also no mistake to take a look a the lyrics, that can be very ironic at times. 'Conversation with Francis Bakin' is a successful debut from a very ambitious musician, and I hope that Clementine will record more music under the monicker FRANCIS BAKIN.