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Taking their name from an early Grief tune, I guess you should know what to expect from these Finnish hordes. Yezz, Sludge is the name of the game, and they really do their job in a convincing manner. Although it took me a few listens to fully appreciate this LP, I really enjoyed it after a while, due to it's uncompromising bleakness and aggression. Although not being the best thing happening to this style since sliced bread, as some other reviews I read insisted, there's some potential lurking around the corner for sure.

You get the usual recipe of ultra-heavy guitars accompanied by feedback howlings, and a space, mostly feeling home in the slower regions, though sometimes with a faster Hardcore edge added, to maheit more interesting in the long run.Their singer Teemu is screaming his lungs out, about being disillusioned in a fucked-up world of shit. At least, that's my impression, as there are no lyrics included but according to song-titles like "...All Things Broken" or "Trust No One - Coming Home", I guess I'm not too much off-beat. Released on their own vinyl-only label Kult Of Nihilow, this definitely adds to your LP collection, if you like your Doom sludgy and filthy. For contact mail to:

(Opolus XXXVII AS)