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FISTULA (Lessons In Lamentations) CD-R

'Lessons In Lamentations' dates from the same session within which 'Inverted Black Star' has been recorded, too. As a memento of that session I would like to remind you that FISTULA met with Steve Makita (Apartment 213, Lockweld, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) in the studio to record some really uncomfortable heavy noise. All parties concerned have finished their mission successfully without a shadow of a doubt, whereas 'Lessons In Lamentations' is more accessible than 'Inverted Black Star'. That doesn't imply, that this single hour-plus track is easier to digest, but the structure is easily comprehensible. It sounds more like a rocking epic sludge track, although the repetitive riffs and all the aggressive noise loops will scare people aware, who doesn't have a strong liking for harsh noise and experimental bone-crunching sludge. 'Lessons In Lamentations' is segmented into three parts. The first part is titled 'Erinnyes' where heavy riffs collide with ultra-distorted vocals and a mid-paced drum beat, while all that is accompanied with a swarm of feedback and other noise. One can even discern a few fragments of a guitar solo.

After almost twenty minutes the band stops and only the noise remains, what marks the transition into the second part 'Lord of Death'. Again a deadly monotonous riffs starts to shred the deceitful "silence" and unfurls its remorseless power before drums and sick vocals support this bleak trip. 'Deciever' is the last part here, where a crippled Sabbath-esque riff introduces the listener to the residual twenty minutes that are comparable to the first two sections. Obviously, 'Lessons In Lamentations' is only made for a minority and even fans of FISTULA shouldn't buy this without a test listening. I don't listen to this disc everyday, but there are definitely a few days when I like to take a sonic shower in a stream of overdriven brutal noise. This album is limited and has been released by Crucial Bliss/Crucial Blast in 2008 and it's packed in the same way like 'Inverted Black Star'.