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FIR BOLG (Paganism) MCD

Normally, black metal isn't a big issue here in Cosmic Lava, but sometimes I receive a package from a band who deserves attention. On this occasion it's the French one-man band FIR BOLG that was founded by guitarist/vocalist Dagoth, who is also in the melodic black metal band Assacrentis. 'Paganism' is the first demo of his new project and it's a surprisingly good start. He recorded four songs with the help of two session musicians and while a lot of other black metal bands write songs about satan and misanthropy Dagoth is focusing his attention on the time before Christanity. Well, ok, that's not totally unique but I appreciate it more than all that ridiculous devil worship. The four included songs remind me of bands like early Darkthrone and mid-period Bathory. There's an epic feel to the songs, reinforced by non-cheesy keyboard sounds, additional acoustic guitars and driving rhythms. Fortunately, the strong production is more hi-fi than low-fi and Dagoth's grim vocals will appeal to all fans of this music sytle. 'Paganism' is a good start for FIR BOLG and it's no mistake to order this demo from the band.