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This instrumental electronic work is an one-man project, created by F. Guye who had lived in Switzerland. The original ultra-rare LP has been released in 1975 in a limited edition of 100 copies and was only available at concerts. As far as I know, F.G. EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY had also released another private pressing in 1978 entitled "Hope" and a 7" in the 70's, but both items are impossible to find. "Journey Into A Dream" is still a very unknown gem, but should be interesting for everyone who owns records from early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze or Ashra f.e. Here we have two long cuts, entitled "Journey Into A Dream" and "2335", and both are very moody creations with some real haunting moments.

In despite to aforementioned comparisons here are also some classic influences to discover like J.S. Bach f.e. and the first six minutes of the opener "Journey Into A Dream" sounds sacred, before it gravitates into something more surrealistic and bizarre. "2335" continues where the first song stopped, and is not very different from it. Sometimes, ethereal female vocals are appearing and leaving, just to make the entire atmosphere more mystical. Whenever I listen to this masterpiece (yes, it is!) I have pictures on my mind from a cursed forest where a strange light shines through the unreal huge trees. You don't need to take any kind of mind-altering substances, if you're listening to this picturesque, electronic waves of sound, because the experience is intensive and the music does it by itself. Great stuff, and I'm glad that Walter Nowicki (owner of Garden Of Delights Records) had exhumed this electronic pearl. The album will be released on the brandnew label Thors Hammer and comes with a thick and informative booklet.

(KK / RK)