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FALL OF THE IDOLS (Womb Of The Earth) CD

I fucking love I Hate Records! Let me tell you why: Ola and Peter (label owner) have not only a good taste in music, but also a good hand for picking out talented groups which are representing the variety in doom metal (except of Burning Saviours, which are more 70's heavy rock orientated) today. FALL OF THE IDOLS' debut is no exception in the I Hate catalogue, and I'm pretty impressed by this Finnish group. Their music is like a bridge between the sounds of bands like Count Raven and, on the other side,  Pentagram or Pagan Altar; they have integrated a lot of classic metal elements into their songs as in 'The Grand Act' f.e., but are also deeply rooted into this hypnotic down-to-earth heaviness.

Especially the production makes the difference here; very mighty and heavy, yet not clear and sharp enough to be classified as a pure metal production. Another big bonus about this six-piece is their vocalist Jyrki Hakomäki, who's a very unique singer with a voice hard to pigeonhole. Mostly, he sounds as if he would singing whilst sleeping, and there are only a few emotional outbursts as in 'Keep Wandering The Night' f.e.. My words are sounding strange, but I haven't found anything else to compare his style with.  And that's meant as a big praise! In a very few moments, 'Womb Of The Earth' is a little bit too viscous for my taste, and I wished that they would come up with more original ideas as in 'The Walk' or 'The Grand Act'.

FALL OF THE IDOLS have three guitarists in the line-up, and I think, that this is something they could use in a more effective way. But ok.... you can't do everything within one album and this is their first official release, so I have patience with FALL OF THE IDOLS. These guys are definitely ready to come up from the farm team to the big leagues, so keep your eye on them, after you've bought 'Womb Of The Earth'!