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EYEHATEGOD (Southern Discomfort) LP/CD

There's no need to write a lot about the beautiful music from EHG, because most people who are into sludge will know New Orleans' masters of misery. "Southern Discomfort" is a cool compilation with rare and unreleased tracks from demo's and out-of-print 7"'s, like for example "Depress", "Dopesick Jam", "Peace Thru War (Thru Peace and War)" or "Blank/Shoplift". Some of the tracks date back to the early days while others are previously unreleased studio outakes from the last album 'Dopesick'.

If you dig EHG and you're tired of searching for the rare EP's and want to listen to some real powerful heaviness then you should buy a copy of "Southern Discomfort". I think it's also a good introduction for people who want to take a deeper insight in the disillusioning world of EHG for the first time. Let's look forward into the future, because the band will soonly release their fourth album. Meanwhile it's time to order this compilation from PEOPLE LIKE YOU.