EYEHATEGOD (Confederacy Of Ruined Lives) LP/CD

The Negative Action Group aka EYEHATEGOD strikes back with a new album, delivered in best nihilistic tradition. It's still an outstanding heavy band, just because there's currently nobody around who plays such an intense psychotic blend consisting of Sabbathian doom riffs, tortured Black Flag-infected grooves, and, of course, tons of noise and feedback. Once more, the spiteful and brutal vocal style of Michael Williams  is brilliant while the entire sound is fresher and more powerful than on the last release "Dopesick". Hate and depression are still main themes in EHG's lyrics and I'm sure that old and new fans won't be dissapointed by the fourth record in EHG's career.  Great band! Just a few last words to all you vinyl junkies: PESSIMISER REC. have released this album on vinyl.