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EYEHATEGOD (10 Years Of Abuse (and still broke)) CD

After the "Southern Discomfort" compilation here's the next one, but again it's not one of these senseless "best-of" compilations. You can hear four songs from one of the earlier demos (1990), a live radioshow from August 1994, that contains four songs and seven live tracks from the European tour in 2000. The sound quality isn't the best, but that doesn't matter to much because it still fits to the psychotic vibe from EHG.

Another interesting thing about this compilation is the booklet. Very personal liner-notes from Alicia '13', where she had written a very good description of the music and vibe from EHG ,some nice old flyers and posters from old concerts and the different line-ups from 1990 until now. All of the songs here are well-known, but this CD is still interesting enough for every fan. The songs are sometimes performed in different versions, so it's ok. For every other, I recommand one of the earlier records, because of the low sound quality. I like "10 Years Of Abuse" a lot and it's a nice album for every collector of EHG stuff. I think, you'll find this album in the next record-store so get it.