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E.X.P. (Pachamama) MCD

New material from Italy's heaviest fuzz-kings ! I've lost some good words about their last promo, but "Pachamama" knows to entertain with much stronger songs. More influenced from the classic 70's Detroit bands (yes, you name it: MC5, SRB, etc.), but they are also aware of bands as Fu Manchu or Nebula, without being just a simple copy. With enough heaviness and drive, they'll take you on a sonic blues-laden ride through nine tracks. The journey starts after a short spoken intro with the white-burning thunderous opener "Supavacuum Cleaner & The Atomic Mushroom Eaters". In tribute to their Detroit influence, there's a nice cover version of "Kick Out The Jams", while a few tracks are more laid-back and blues oriented, so you've got enough time to smoke the next reefer.

This guys know how to stockpile the heaviest riffage in combination with an ultra fuzzadelic sound, as in "Sex,Beatitic Night, Magma Mother Lights". One of my faves is "Blues for a Guilded Elephant", with its thick slow riffing combined with this groovy 60's vibe. After nearly 29 min. this entertaining ride ends and as a result you can hear, that E.X.P. haven't invented something new, but there songs are fueled with dynamic passionate energy. The whole production sounds very organic and massive so I'm looking forward to the upcoming debut album. "Pachamama" comes out for free with Vincebus Eruptum # 7 and will be limited to 500 copies, so be fast. For more infos about E.X.P., check out the Cosmic Lava interview .