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E.X.P. (3tx) MCD-R

Since the beginning in 1997 this Italian band has released several singles and mini cd's in their short history and they had played over 150 gigs all around Italy. So they aren't any newcomers and with this new promo they prove, that they are ready for a whole album. The band describes their music as supafuzzous psychedelic Rock 'n' Roll and that sounds much better than "stoner-rock". Of course, E.X.P. are influenced by acts like KYUSS and BLUE CHEER , but they have managed it to play in their own authentic way.

This new promo from 2001 contains three very short songs. The whole running time of this cd-r is only 7: 15 min . The thunderous opener is an instrumental with a nice little Free-Jazz part in it. The next one starts very slow and doomy and the vocals of Jacopo Bimbi are giving E.X.P. something special, but the track is very short and I miss something. The closing track is the second instrumental and everyone who likes FU MANCHU will be pleased with this. E.X.P. is one more solid act that rises from the bottom of the Italian heavy-psych underground and for everyone who can't get enough of dirty and downtuned Psych-Rock should contact the band.