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EXHUMED (Anatomy Is Destiny) LP/CD

What for a nice album title! But that's not the only nice thing about the new album of US-gorefreaks EXHUMED, again on Relapse Records. "Anatomy Is Destiny" is strongly influenced from mid-period Carcass, when they surprised the world with their albums "Necroticism - Descenting The Insalubrious" and "Heartwork". EXHUMED got tons of sharp-edged killer riffs, monstrous hooklines and when they slow down the speed and throw in some heavy grooves, it simply breaks your neck. It's senseless to lose words about the tightness of this four-piece. Everything fits perfect and there's not one note too much. Sometimes I thought, that the land of extreme death metal is already discovered and raped, but with acts like EXHUMED, there's still enough territory to conquer.

Another nice thing is the contrast between the different vocal styles of guitarists Matt Harvey and Mike Beams. While one is coming up with the deepest unhuman growls, his counterpart is very close to above mentioned Carcass. Another reason, why I've dropped the name Carcass within the review is, that EXHUMED are incorporating classic metal elements like melodic guitarsolis, which are adding an extra dimension to the entire sound. This is best and deadly craftmansship and for all you fans of heavy and extreme death metal, "Anatomy Is Destiny" is a must-have. Death is certain...life is not!!! Check out the gory details at the EXHUMED homepage.