EUTHANASIA (Requiem:Songs For...) CD

This is my first meeting with the Czech band, and after listening to the album it will be the last one! I never was into power metal, and EUTHANASIA won't change my musical taste - no, all my worst expectations are confirmed. The album is overproduced and every dust corn has been wiped out, what makes it just more unappealing for me. And the keyboard sound is so damn kitschy and cheesy, that I'm thinking about visiting the dentist after listening to it. At least, I'm not sure what sort of inspiration was responsible for the choice of the band name. I give a shit about political correctness, but EUTHANASIA is really stupid, and I had the worst associations on my mind.

The cover-artwork doesn't make it better and I'm not sure what the lyrics of "White Lies" want to tell me. Join the "National Identity Movement" (maybe a Czech right.wing party....) or don't trust them.... ? Well, I don't care about any old-fashioned Hitler freaks as well as any Anti-Nazi can lick my ass. Save your self-righteous opinion for yourself! Perhaps I'm not the right person to criticize such stuff in an appropriate way, because I'm sure that a lot of power metal fans will listen to EUTHANASIA, but I'm not among them. "Requiem: Songs For..." has been released in 2004 by Crystal Productions, and the CD contains a video clip of the track "White Lies" and more bonus material about the band.