After four years comes the second album from ETERNAL ELYSIUM. And believe me, the new album is such a beautiful masterpiece...after every listen you discover new things. "Spiritualized D" contains nine tracks and there is not a boring song to find. The label is METEORCITY,with their second good release after the SOLACE album. ETERNAL ELYSIUM are somewhere between SLEEP, TROUBLE, CATHEDRAL and 70´s HardRock and they create their own interesting songs. They know, when they have to change the tension and to burst out into an awesome fast part like in "Splendid, Selfish Woman" or to play more mellow.This powertrio has a lot of other surprises to offer. And in some moments ("What a Difference a Day Makes") they play sooo heavy and doomy , you will feel your third eye glow. The vocals have a lot of variety and they fit perfect into this heavy psych Rock. I think ETERNAL ELYSIUM have also a slight progressive touch. "Stone Wedge" shows the Rock´n´Roll side of this powertrio.It´s the fastest track on "Spiritualized D". All in all,you can´t go wrong with this majestic album.It´s one more prove, that Japan has some of the best Heavy Rock bands today.You can get it also in a vinyl version from PEOPLE LIKE YOU REC.Check out this record!