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Since they've released the first album "Faithless" back in 1992 a lot has changed during the last years. With "Spiritualized D" this Japanese power-trio have turned more into a 70's heavy psych direction, instead of continuing the epic doom metal style. And with "Share" the band is closer to the 60's and 70's than ever before. In all nine tracks are thousand of small details out of this period that are reaching from Cream to the Flower Travellin' Band and from Sabbath to early Judas Priest. They haven't given up their doom influence and a songs like the slow psychedelic "Waiting for the Sun" (not the Doors song) is still giving tribute to it. Some listeners maybe got problems with the overwhelming quantity of ideas, different riffs, complex chord changes and breaks in some of the tracks, but the more you listen to it the clearer it gets and the more you'll discover this album.

Like the legendary Japanese proto-metal act Flower Travellin' Band, ETERNAL ELYSIUM got this special Eastern influence over the whole album and it makes their music more interesting. Just listen to "No Answer" or the spooky and mystical "Fairies Never Sleep", performed without guitar, bass and percussion. Only different voices that are sounding as monks or something like this. But if I try to describe every single song in this review it would become an endless boring story , so I give you the advice to listen to it for yourself. If you like the album before, you can't go wrong with this and expect a crunchy and thick production. The album includes nine tracks and ETERNAL ELYSIUM are still belonging to the more original heavy rock bands in 2002. And I'm still looking forward to their first European tour, together with Church Of Misery. This album has been released via Meteor City and in Europe through People Like You.