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The second release from Electric Earth Records in 2008 is nearly a re-issue of  three older songs from ETERNAL ELYSIUM, that were on a split-CD with Black Cobra. This split-CD has been released through the Japanese label Diwphalanx in 2007 so that maybe not everyone owns a copy. Now this songs are available on vinyl and what makes this 10" more interesting is the fact that it not only contains a brandnew song but also a up-to-date fullcolour poster of the band. ETERNAL ELYSIUM continue their path of doom-driven heavy psych rock, so that everyone who still wishes that they return to their roots will maybe be disappointed about this four songs. I like their debut album 'Faithful' as much as the last three records, so I won't complain about this 10". 'Shadowed Flower' is charged with doomy metallic undertones and can remind the listener to their early epic doom metal days, while the other tracks are in the vein of their last full-length 'Searching High & Low'. Needless to say that this is top-notch stuff and especially the vocals of guitarist Yukito Okazaki add this special eastern vibe to their songs. This band carry the inheritance of Flower Travellin Band in their blood and they handle it very careful. 'Views on A) B) C)' is a new instrumental song that sounds as if it has been born during a jam sessions. It contains elements of psychedelic rock, doom and 70's hardrock what makes it to a typical ETERNAL ELYSIUM track. I don't think that you should buy this collectors item if you already own the split-CD, but if not than don’t hesitate, especially because this is limited to only 500 copies.