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ENTOMBED belongs to one of the most original Death Metal bands, since the band was formed in the 80's. They released defining albums, like "Clandestine" and "Wolverine Blues", but ENTOMBED lost a bit of their uniquness, and for my taste, the album "Same Difference" was the lowest point in their career. But with their latest release "Morning Star", they have shown, that they are still a strong musical force. When I listen to the older albums, it's interesting how ENTOMBED have once again redefined themselves with "Inferno". There are still the brutal heavy riffs, but while the album before was more influenced from Thrash and Death Metal, without losing their R 'N' R identity, this time, they have slowed down a bit. Another difference is the dirty and crusty production, that emphasis the brutal heaviness. And this weren't ENTOMBED, if they haven't once again written outstanding songs with a lot of different ideas. Guitarist Alex Hellid is a neverending source for some of the mightiest riffs while LG Petrov is shouting out dark sarcastical lyrics, with this special band's own black humour. His mighty angry vocals are merciless as ever, while the low bass sound builds a wall behind the entire sound. All in all, "Inferno" is an excellent aggressive masterpiece and still more original than every other band on this teritory.