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ENORMOUS (Attentionsbahn) CD

I didn't know what to expect, when I put this disc into my player. Never ever before I had heard the name ENORMOUS, but after some research I found out that this Italian band works more like a collective. Freeform improvisation and sonic experimentations are an integral part of their live shows, and 'Attentionsbahn' is their latest release in 2008. According to these informations I was very curious to hear what ENORMOUS has to offer. After just a few minutes it is quite obvious that this guys have a big preference for Hawkwind. The first song 'She's a Man' kicks off with a pulsating beat, accompanied by unique FX-driven guitars and subliminal keyboard sounds. What for a promising start but 'Pour it on Your Head' easily outstrips the opener. There's a steady rhythm that unfolds his hypnotic power very soon while the sparsely used vocals reinforce the trippy effect of that song. The whole thing sounds more minimalistic then bombastic. 'Few Orbison' is reminiscent of early Hawkwind and particularly the guitar makes me feel as if Dave Brock is playing here.

After that 'Arabs in Manhatten' is leaving the rocky path of the first three songs. Now try to imagine a mixture of The Residents and Neu! and you're getting down to the heart of the matter. Well, my description is inadequate, but it's really difficult to describe this bizarre track. My only criticism is that the vocals can get quite annoying here. 'Fly Low Dragonfly' returns to the beginning of the album with guitar accompaniment. Once again there's a driving beat, and I feel mesmerized after a few minutes. The last song of 'Attentionsbahn' is 'Everybody Out' and takes the listener on a surrealistic journey to the external borders of space rock. Slowly, tension builds up until a basic rhythm is played by drums. The pace will increase over the whole playing time while a lot of different effects will make you feel as if this album has been recorded in another galaxy. Even if I like the space rock-driven material more than the experimental stuff, I have to admit that 'Attentionsbahn' is an above-average album. It's a mind-altering experience that can be made without the use of illegal substances. I am pleasantly surprised.