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If this music follows the term Rock and/or Metal, the emphasis must be on Progressive. There's so much in this album that any attempt to describe it must result in a 2-page epic. Although this is the full-length debut of British END OF LEVEL BOSS, they have already released their masterpiece and it's more than just a good start!Well, I won't doubt, that they hopefully will record more exciting albums, but "Prologue" is far beyond the description 'average'. Ex-members of Hangnail and Flood have taken VoiVod's "Dimension Hatröss" and combined it with 70's heavy rock and Soundgarden and the result is a dark and energetic piece of variety.

Although the term 'progressive" fits here very well, it's still music that can be loosely rambling at one stage and hit hard like a steelhammer at the next. "Disjointhead" is a good example for the band's abilities to change between heavy, energetic riffage and quiet groovy parts, while "Vivid" sounds as if VoiVod's "Dimension Hatröss" would collide with Soundgarden's "Badmotorfinger". Especially the vocals of guitarist Heck Armstrong are close to Chris Cornell, but if you're into his former band Hangnail it ain't no news. What I really like about this band is their catchiness, although they have integrated a lot of  clever breaks and unexpected changes, but the themes are remarkable. END OF LEVEL BOSS emit such a huge sound and are packed with ideas, that I needed awhile to get into the songs, but suddenly it made "click" inside my head and since that moment I give it a spin constantly. "Prologue" is highly entertaining journey into darker musical territories, guided by a band that is  open for sonic experiments, but mostly kicks ass superior!