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Over the past few years, some really promising heavy rock bands were born in Poland like for example Lord Stereo, Distant Earth, Oregano Chino, Luna Negra and ELVIS DELUXE. Those who think that these groups have to hide behind their Swedish or American contemporaries is simply wrong. This is also proved by ELVIS DELUXE, who offer a solid dose of heavy rock with pop-influenced catchy hooks on their debut album 'Lazy'. It is obvious that there's a good chemistry within the band and there is also no doubt about their talent and musical skills while the singer puts his heart into every line. This four guys can write infectious hooklines and they furthermore have a keen sense for a smoking, crispy fuzz-driven guitar sound supported by pounding rhythms. There's emotion and there's a nice variation throughout the entire album.

'Perfect Ride' is powered by the same Detroit-esque high energy that has been used by The Hellacopters while 'Sleep Brings No Relief' reveals the same compositional qualities such as the ones from Dozer or Brain Police. If needed, a few nice sound effects have been integrated to achieve a trippy result as with 'For The Soul'. All ten songs get into the groove and there are no wanky guitar solos what simply means that the band keep the focus on their strengths. Even the cover artwork looks very good and it seems as if ELVIS DELUXE are ready for their personal magical mystery tour. 'Lazy' won't change the world, but I cannot resist the untapped energy of ELVIS DELUXE. It's simply fun to listen to this album and the band is brave enough to take risks in their performance as they do in 'Between Heaven and Hell'. Enough said and judged as recommendable.