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I received the first self-financed album from ELSUPREMO without any additional informations, therefore it's time to let the music speak for itself. Well, actually it's not so bad because mostly those sheets are crammed with usual promotional ramblings but, more importantly is the music. Now, what does ELSUPREMO has to offer? Actually, quite a lot. Please try to imagine a groove-driven instrumental heavy rock sound with strong early '70s blues leanings and plenty of fuzz. Unfortunately, the band doesn't always make it work. Sometimes they sound like Clutch on valium or ZZ Top on downers. Some songs and riffs are too long and repetitive and that's why sometimes I miss a vocalist. Fortunately, it doesn't apply to the whole album, this is to say, the songs become more interesting when the band drifts away from the typical static blues-rock formula. Psychedelic guitar excursions and a faster pace break up the monotony of a few songs, and the band has a lot of promise. 'Like House On Fire' reminds me of Captain Beyond, especially for its percussion parts, while 'Goat Horn and Pentacles' has the vibe of early Black Sabbath. In moments like these ELSUPREMO show potential and if they pool their strength to become more forceful than the next album could be above average. This one is a mixed bag for me, but I enjoyed a couple of the included seven songs. Let's wait and see what happens next...