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ELKS (Destined For The Sun) MCD

This is the first release by this New Yorker band, and I must admit that everything about 'Destined For The Sun' sucks. Not only is the music damn near unlistenable and boring, but the vocals make things worse. To me, it seems as if something has been stuffed in the mouth of the singer. Please, take it out next time.

Now a few words about the songs: I have nothing against noisy and chaotic rock, but ELKS sound awkward and forced. There is no special energy and excitement to the entire disc and although the music is written with some purpose, the included six songs drag on forever, losing any sense of direction. There's also lots of guitar wankery that doesn't fit.

Perhaps I am just too old for this kind of "mind-bending modern metal" (that's what the press info says), but I doubt it. Maybe it's just me, but I hate it when a band gets all weird and artsy for the sake of it and thinks that is what makes them "mind-bending" and "modern". The best thing about 'Destined For The Sun', apart from the cover artwork, is the running time - after 22:11 minutes it's over. I am very grateful for this, although it could've been shorter...