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This is a re-issue on the great US American label SOUTHERN LORD, with two bonus tracks and a new layout (not the cover!). BAD ACID was the first label, wich released "Supercoven" as a 12"/MCD that includes the tracks "Supercoven" and "Burnout". "Supercoven" is a typical WIZARD track, an ultralow bass-sound, a lysergic aura , sick vocals and filled with SABBATH and VITUS influences and its 13:13. The next one is a total killer,"Burnout"! It starts fast and turns into something weird and psychedelic. One of the best tracks that I know from ELECTRIC WIZARD and it is 18:38...enough time for a good song and this is a legal drug. So sit back and relax....! The first one of the bonus tracks is "Wizard of Gore", which starts with a nice intro. Its an instrumental song with a rough production and its awesome. A musical monolith in finest VITUS tradition!!! The last song is "Electric Wizard", a live recording in good quality.If you don´t have the original 12" on BAD ACID, it doesn`t matter 'cuz this a very enjoyable disc, ELECTRIC WIZARD have done no compromise, and in their own words: STUCK YOUR HEAD IN A VITUS! Contact the label and visit the website of the WIZARD, if you need more informations about this unique Heaviness.