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Thick and sonic, very low and heavy... that's the way the new ELECTRIC WIZARD album crawls out of the speakers. The bands continue their path, which they took with the "Come my Fanatics" record. The songs aren't so spaced-out like on the "Supercoven" 12", they are more song-orientated, but don't worry... they don't write Pop-songs now. Song-titles like "Dopethrone", " I, The Witchfinder" or "We Hate You" are speaking for themselves.

If you can't or don't want to cope with the world you live in and Mary Jane is one of your best friends, then you know what's most of the lyrics about. And a big preference for old Witchplotation and old Horror movies like "Mark of the Devil", is shining through the lyrics. I would say, that the production of "Dopethrone" is a little bit stronger and there's more bass in the sound. Ok, why should I try to describe this record much longer ... everyone who knows and loves the older records will buy this one right away. For everyone else "Dopethrone is a good start, so check it out. Go to RISE ABOVE, who are responsible for the release of this black monolith.