Before the new summer update '05 has been finished, I found this demo in my mailbox, and decided shortdated to add the review to the new stuff, because I don't want to hold back the goodies 'til the next update. Due to the name EGYPT and the backcover, where the bands presents their stacks and instruments, my first associations were about the early 70's. And I wasn't so wrong with my supposition, because EGYPT have a lot in common with 70's bands like Buffalo or Hackensack, just to name two less-known bands. The demo contains for long studio cuts and one from a live-show, and I can report that this US-band stand their ground in the studio as well as on stage. Like the heavy underground groups from the early 70's, EGYPT use the same ingredients to create a powerful sound: heavy blues-based riffs, raw and charismatic vocals and an effective rhythm group. Of course, they also write long songs with a playing time between seven and nine minutes.

The opener "Valley Of The Kings" starts as a slow doom-tinged number, and turns into a faster pace, with a strange effect on Aaron Esterby's bass, who is a very impressive singer, too, and his mighty voice are one of the band's strengths. "Queen Of All Time (Red Giant)" starts like like "Hand Of Doom" from Black Sabbath, but suddenly Aaron Esterby sounds like Buzz Osbourne from the Melvins! And the best thing about it is, that it sounds damn good! He also uses his Buzz-ish vocals in the fourth track "Touch Ground", what raises the quality of the song. Another positive surprise comes along with "Dirty Witch", a song that is again deeply rooted in the early '70's, with its heavy groovin' and, somehow, funky beat. The closing live-track sounds as a recording from 1973. I don't know, why the band hadn't listed it on the cover, because it's a good one. Anyway, EGYPT have a good sense for simple, but effective variations within the songs, without losing their minimalistc style, and once again, this demo shows that the sound of a band rise or fall with the vocalist's abilities. In that case, EGYPT have not failed, and the demo is a very good start for this ambitious band. Hats off!