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Another great and new band that comes out of the well-known Maryland area and this is their first official release on EARTH BRAIN RECORDS. EARTHRIDE was founded by former NTERNAL VOID drummer Eric Little and it's good to hear that he's playing in a new band. Another well-known member is Dave Sherman (SPIRIT CARAVAN) who is responsible for the vocals. Ok, let's talk about the four songs on this CD. The opener is "Earthride", a fast track that reminds me to MOTORHEAD, especially Sherman's awesome vocals are very close to Mr. Kilmister. Next song is "Black", a hard-groovin' mid-tempo killer track with influences from WRETCHED and old INTERNAL VOID.

The third track "Enter Zacfreyalz" is the only instrumental song on this CD, but it isn't a filler! Like in the first song you find nice changes from fast to slow. The last song is "Weak End", the longest track that goes more in a Doom direction. EARTHRIDE have a very heavy,  thick, brutal and warm sound and Kyle Vansteinburg`s guitar-playing is very effective and together with the tight rocking rhythm-section of Eric Little and bass-player Joe Ruthvin, this CD is a must-have for all fans of the great Maryland scene, but also very recommandable for every listener of ultra-heavy ROCK music. The sound quality is fantastic and the reason for it is simple...Chris Kozlowski was the engineer behind the desk. At least, I like to mention the cover-artwork. It's a very old picture from Albrecht Dürer, which shows the four Horsemen of the apocalypse. I hope, that EARTHRIDE soonly have the chance to record a full-length album because they are "ready to g "! Order this thunderous and highly recommandable CD directly from the band!