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I'm always lucky when I notice a new life-sign from the current German 70's heavy rock underground, and this time EARTH FLIGHT knows to stimulate my eardrums with a passionate and well-crafted mix of early-70's heavy psych rock and late-70's metal. Songs like "Awakening" and "Night Flight" are great pieces, featuring strong riffs and Tobias clear vocal-style is expressive and dynamic. For my taste "Ain't my Deal" is the best song here; an inspiring combination of 60's psych with moments of doom-drenched heaviness. It's a very catchy tune, which reminds to Burning Saviours or Witchcraft. Fans of both bands should give EARTH FLIGHT a chance, although they didn't sound as 70's-like as the other groups, but this MCD a very good alternative, especially if you're fed up with all this same-sounding heavy fuzzrock bands. All songs have been recorded in the BluBox Studio in Troisdorf and produced by Guido Lucas, who had also produced bands like Smoke Blow or Scumbucket. The packaging is very nice too, and you can order this debut for 5 EURO at the band's website.