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Since this German band was formed in 2004 they've gone through an impressive development. Their debut release was solid and promising, but this first full-length studio album is simply magnificent. EARTH FLIGHT has completely improved their 70's-influenced Heavy Rock and never before they sound so mature like here. This album is a compact and very delightful whole, that is not only dominated by heavy powerchords. Here it's the mood, that counts. 'My Sun', 'No Tear' and the acoustic song 'Volando' are full of beauty, melancholy and soft imaginative harmony, while 'Desolation Angels' draw on funkier roots, powered by Andreas Blendinger's blistering guitar and Tobias Brunner's expressive vocal style. Newcomer Sabrina Teleki has increased the line-up and added a keyboard element, that gives a new dimension to the band overall sound, particularly on 'Earth Flight', a powerful instrumental that showcases all the playing skills of the band. EARTH FLIGHT also rip through some energetic stompers such as the smoking opener 'Running' with its strong hooks. 'Another Day' provide the contrast in the form of dreamy themes laced with heavy funky guitars. The production is excellent, because this time the band recorded the album in the famous German BluBox Studio, which is well-known for its high-quality work. For me personal this is one of the top releases of the last year 2007 and if this band would come from Sweden, USA or the UK they would receive much more attention, because they fuckin' deserve it instead of all the overrated crap I don't want to promote here. For the first time the band worked together with the fine German underground label Barbarian Wrath, and so you have one of the best recent 70’s Heavy Rock releases coming from Germany for sure.