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It's the third album of Philadelphia's instrumentalists DYSRHYTHMIA, this time recorded at Electrical Audio Studios with Steve Albini, who's famous for his numerous works with lot of bands during the last 15 years. "Pretest" is like a exciting kaleidoscope, full of amazing pictures and different emotions. The structures are always very sharp and bass, guitar and drums are communicating with each other in an inspiring way. The musicians are playing tight and exactley, but suddenly the band creates a sonic whirlwind, where the guitar plays free-form, while the drum-patterns are becoming more complex and the basslines are holding the band together.

But there's enough space for another themes, if it's more up-tempo or just melancholic, a bit more heavier or Wave-like. Due to the tightness, "Pretest" owns a big tension under the surface, and the mesmerising ambient-like parts are still filled with high energy, too. It's really a pleasure to listen to the here included nine songs, because there's still a very natural and free-floating feeling in DYSRHYTHMIA's music. To compare them with bands as Spickle and Stinking Lizaveta, DYSRHYTHMIA are less Hardcore than Spickle and more Metal than Lizaveta, but no Metal band at all. They're also influenced from psychedelic jazzrock and progressive rock in equal parts, combined with indie-rock and avantgarde. That may sounds heavy, but after a few listening-sessions you'll discover the beauty within this album. Although not everyone's taste, I give you the advice to check out DYSRHYTHMIA at your record dealer. For more informations, go to the band's homepage and place your order at Relapse Records.