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DYING FETUS (Stop At Nothing) CD

Yes, this five-piece won't stop for anything with their fourth album "Stop At Nothing", this time on Relapse Records. DYING FETUS are playing an uncompromising combination of Death Metal and Grindcore, with all the essential trademarks. The vocals are sometimes sounding, as if they were coming out of the deepest hole of this earth or maybe Satan's ass...I don't know. This guys aren't growling about stuff as fist-fucking or other clichés as serial-killers or gore flics. The critical lyrics are dealing with the conflicts within the so-called civilized society and more typical global problems. I appreciate the intension of DYING FETUS, but I must admit that I've read more original lyrics about this topics during the last twenty years. To my surprise, the album was recorded at Hit & Run Studios in Maryland, but it could've been also recorded by Scott Burns in the early 90's or at Morrissound.

I won't deny, that this guys got the best skills and abilities to create their brutalizing double bass-laden sound, but this genre is so overcrowded with bands and I miss something really more innovative here. Maybe in 1990, this album would have been something as a classic, but nowadays in 2003, I think, it's only interesting for the die-hard fans of above mentioned styles. So, if you're looking for a crossover between early Morbid Angel, Broken Hope and stuff like this, than check out DYING FETUS.