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Heavy "stoner" rock from the UK, which should be interesting enough for fans of this genre, but this isn't doing anything for me. This is sounding just too faceless, no matter how rough the singer shouts or how heavy the riffs are. Yes, especially the vocals are my main problem here, because  I miss some sort of authenticity in it. Maybe this guy is a big bad motherfucker and I'm totally wrong, but even considering this aspect I wouldn't like 'em more. The songs? Yes,  DUSTEROID have their moments, no doubt, but I never was a huge fan of heavy "stoner" rock and this band doesn't change my point of view. All others will listen to five well-arranged songs, which are not only influenced by Orange Goblin and Kyuss, but also from Solace or early Grand Magus. The whole disc is packaged in a tasteful looking digi-pack and I appreciate this idea. All you "stonerheads" should investigate this band immediately as well as some of the well-known "stoner" record-label. You know, who you are!