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DUSTER 69 (Ride The Silver Horses) CD:

DUSTER 69 are ready to release their third full length on Daredevil Records. This group placed their name on the map with numerous tours and build a solid underground following, especially here in Germany. Fuelled by raging metal, DUSTER 69 are nevertheless characterised by 70's heavy rock running through much of their music, but far away from being retrospective. Like the black cover, the album is carried by a dark sometimes desperate mood, without being depressive. Breathtakingly dynamic, the album switching from the furious opener "Deep Down" to the hypnotic and introspective atmosphere of "Devil's Eye". On many tracks, the pace is slowed down to a seismic semi-psychedelic Rock 'n' Roll groove, but still very heavy and powerful. The band takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster while the unique vocals are adding a brooding punk-flair to the sound. DUSTER 69 aren't redefining the boundaries of heavy rock, but they have developed their sound one step further away from what ones was called "stonerrock". The CD contains also a nice video clip of "Deep Down", and so I give you advice to get a copy of "Ride The Silver Horses".