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Don't be confused by the strange band name. Arizona's DRONE THRONE have nothing to do with La Monte Young, Earth or Spaceman 3. Instead, they offer a raw heavy blend consisting of mid-tempo hardcore punk, 1970's heavy rock, metal and sludge. Out of this have resulted five tracks, which show promise for the future. However, I must honestly admit that it is therefore necessary to spend more days in the rehearsal room. The songs seem not yet completely formed and there is sometimes a lack of really good ideas. An exception is here the last track 'Dirge', where they manage to create a sinister and desperate atmosphere. Even the riffs are bigger and the development of the song is more interesting.

'Getting High At The Gates Of Hell' includes some pretty cool 1970's heavy rock riffs, but the harsh vocals make sure that all feelings of nostalgia will be erased. In general, I think that the vocals are too much in the foreground but perhaps it is because of the demo production. They have also integrated a few samples in 'Skatin With Satan' and 'Green Lung', which fit very well to the abrasive tracks. DRONE THRONE's bleak and disillusioned sound is the antithesis of joyousness, but, as mentioned above, they simply need more compelling ideas. However, we will have to see. Btw, I dig the cover artwork. Good choice!