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DRIVEN (What Done Is Done) MCD

This US four piece band had played a lot of shows during the last years in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and San Diego and this is their nine song debut on Found Music. The label put them close to bands like Kyuss, Solarized, QotSA or Sixty Watt Shaman but for me DRIVEN are far away from those acts, especially soundwise. Ok, they are also playing rock music but DRIVEN aren't that heavy as the before mentioned bands. It seems as if these four guys are more influenced by popular US mainstream Punk Rock, mixed up with Alternative / Crossover Rock elements. It's not that bad, but really nothing that stands out in the year 2002. Maybe DRIVEN are an interesting live-act and they rock tight as hell, don't know. "What Done Is Done" got a total running time about 23 minutes, a few tracks are remarkable and maybe they come up in the future with stronger material but for my personal taste there are too much bands out there playing in the same vein. DRIVEN are still on the emotional surface and maybe they're becoming more intense over the next years. Sorry guys, not the kind of music that I prefer! Check out the site of Found Music!