DRIFT (s/t) CD

I bet, that all three guys of DRIFT have one or three discs of Clutch in their music collection at home. And I'm damn sure, that they like this band a lot, because their musical concept isn't so far away from Maryland's one and only groove kings, especially during the first half of the entire playing time. The vocals of guitarist Joe are mighty and raw, what doesn't mean that he isn't able to hit some softer tones. But the use of cleaner vocals doesn't happen very often here, and when it happens, DRIFT have more in common with a band like Tool, but without their epic and pseudo-intellectual edge. After the first listening sessions, I didn't find anything interesting in DRIFT's hi-octane heavy rock, but in the meantime I must admit, that this unspectacular album can be good fun in the right moments. The band's textures attaining a bittersweet mood, when they enter more mellow regions, what give this album depth and strength. All those of you, who could imagine a session consisting of musicians from Tool, Scissorfight and Clutch, should give this UK-band a chance.