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What for a great second album from one of Germany's oldest Doom Metal bands!!! This is excellent stuff, and much better than their debut album, which always sounded a little bit too weak to me. DREAMING's main influences are still obvious, but this guys are making their very own sound out of it, instead of just being a third grade Saint Vitus or The Obsessed copy-cat. 'II' is a monstrously heavy effort of orthodox Doom Metal with a lot of great and gloomy tunes, that all are baptized with a huge dose of orginality. In opposite to the debut album, here we have a much better sound. The guitar sound is thick, warm and crispy, while bass and drums are molten together to one big unit. A few of the songs like 'Way Home' f.e. are sounding, as if DREAMING did drench the refrain in a sea shantie, what just makes the music more orgininal. The vocals remain one of the trademarks of this band, because they don't try to follow any trend. Just pure and honest. After a short while, every of the here eight included songs shows a depth, that grows with every listening. Such kind of music was always rare stuff, so if you feel bored by all the same/monotonous sounding groups, which only offer nothing more than a riff-orgy, then borrow DREAMING an ear; probably you'll be rewarded! All of you, who are already familiar with one of Germany's best Doom Metal bands, must buy 'II'! The vinyl version has been released via The Skull Records, and Psychedoomelic is responsible for the CD edition.