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DRAGONTEARS (2000 Micrograms From Home) LP/CD

What can you expect from a band, which consists of the complete Baby Woodrose line-up plus three members from On Trial and from an album-titele like '2000 Micrograms From Home'? Yes, you're right: it's Psychedelic music! But DRAGONTEARS aren't a real band, but more a project of  the above mentioned musicians, and once again Lorenzo Woodrose the the main-man behind DRAGONTEARS. It looks, as if this man isn't doing anything else than music 24 hours a day, but as long as the results are as good as in the past and now, I'm still interested. All here presented six songs are more developed out of  jam-sessions, but this here isn't totally freaked-out music, where you can only follow when you had taken enough illegal substances. Here are six real songs, where you still can feel the free vibe from where this sounds have been born.

While the first half of the album sounds more like a calmer and more meditative version of Baby Woodrose, especially because of Lorenzo Woodrose significant vocals, the musicians enter with 'The Doors of Perception' a complete different territory. Heavy psychedelic drones start to hypnotize the listener, which are embedded in a soundwave made out of samples, different sounds as well as an always returning refrain. You don't need any good pot, to lose yourself in this kaleidoscopic net of pulsating and mesmerizing sounds, which are all build around one ongoing heavy beat. After seventeen minutes, the song flows into the last one, entitled 'Heliodrone'. That title couldn't have been more appropriate for that short number. Once again, here we have passionate and high-quality psych music from some well-known Danish psychedelic warlords. It's no real surprise, that Bad Afro Records did the release of this project, and if you like psychedelic music, you may will love DRAGONTEARS. Drop out!