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The first four track demo from this Argentine band stands in the tradition of 70's Doom-laden Hardrock. Argentina is no blind spot in the history of Hardrock. In the early 70's there were bands like ALMENDRA, AVE ROCK or DIAS DE BLUES etc. and it's good to see that more bands come up today like DRAGONAUTA. This demo was recorded at ABD Studios at the end of 1999 in Buenos Aires. The production is not to weak, but I think that it could me more powerful in the future. The band uses different elements in their music, like some mellow jamming parts or very heavy riffs like in "Hombre Monstruo", one of my favourite tracks on this demo.So the songs keep interesting and DRAGONAUTA will work out an own musical profile in the future.The demo closes with "Profeta del Mar", the longest track with 10:03 min. This song is massively SABBATH-influenced. Another band that´s always on mind when I listen to DRAGONAUTA are SLEEP in their "Holy Mountain" period. There's only one point, I had to critize and that are the vocals. They aren't really bad,but I think that Frederico needs to develop his style.In some moments he sounds a little bit to weak, and that doesn't fit very well in the music of DRAGONAUTA. But that´s only my personal opinion. Another thing I like to mention is the beautiful cover-artwork, but I don't know who's responsible for it.