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DOZER (Through The Eyes Of Heathens) CD

Some years have past, since DOZER's  first release, what has been a split-EP with Unida on Meteor City. During the last years, the group had toured a lot through Europe and USA, and recorded further albums. Maybe all this is the reason for DOZER's excellent developement from a typical sounding Kyuss-clone into a powerful heavy rock unit, which still is influenced by Kyuss and QotSA without losing their very own sound. 'Through The Eyes of Heathens' is a very good document of what the band is capable of in 2005, and that's pretty impressive. The band rips through ten powerful and dynamic riff-based tracks,  and especially drummer Daniel Liden  is an amazing musician, who adds a double doze of powerhouse drumming to the band. Although I never will be  a huge fan  of this band, I must confess, that this album is their masterpiece, and a must-have for every fan of modern heavy rock.